TUBI RS Refill system

TUBI RS Refill system for refilling of central lubrication systems, grease guns and your own LS screw-in cartridges.

You can use this system to refill your central lubrication at the same time as refilling your own LS screw-in cartridges. Save money and time with this refill system of the highest quality, which has the absolute best components on the market.

TUBI RS Refill system has three functions in one, fill your central lubrication, refill your gun and fill individual LS screw-in cartridges. You get the ease-of-use that the tubes provide at the price of buying grease by the bucket. You also do your part for the environment by reducing the amount of packaging that needs to be recycled.

The TUBI RS Refill system is made up of three components:

  1. A modified bucket pump forms the base of the system, the pump used is one of the best on the market and will serve you for many years. It is an effective central lubrication unit refiller. The pump comes with a trolley that makes it simple to move the equipment around in a workshop or garage.
  2. A greatly modified TUBI grease gun that is pre-charged with an empty cartridge. The gun is connected to the bucket pump with a quick connector, and the gun can then be filled. A red indicator shows when the gun is completely full.
  3. The tube adapter is connected to the same quick connector as the pump. This can be used to fill empty LS screw-in cartridges quickly and easily.
  • TUBI RS Bucket pump central lub w gun 2013-RS-130
  • TUBI RS Bucket pump Bulk grease central lub 2013-RS
  • TUBI RS Grease gun Bulk grease 3013-130
  • TUBI 18V RS Battery gun Bulk grease 2013-230
  • TUBI RS Lincoln 1162 1162-RS
  • TUBI RS Lincoln 1884 1884-E-RS
  • TUBI RS Tube refiller Screw-in tube MLS-5050-RS
TUBI RS Refill system

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