OEM production

TUBI System’s OEM production of lubricants gives you access to our entire range of lubricants in your own-designed packaging – a good way to profile your brand and strengthen your product portfolio. Our OEM portfolio includes some 50 products for you to choose from, which makes it easy for you to find precisely the product you’re looking for.

Lubricant in your own-designed packaging

We fill and package most of the common package types on the market on your behalf. TUBI System supplies grease cartridges with your company name and logo on, as the picture from our own print facility shows.

Hugo Cartridge 0.4 kg works with most grease guns on the market, and is recommended for TUBI System's classic grease guns. MLS screw-in cartridge 0.4 kg is the new cleaner alternative and can be used in TUBI System's screw-in cartridge grease guns.

TUBI System performs grease filling of the most common types of grease on the market up to N.L.G.I. 3.

OEM production ? TUBI System?s lubricant in your own packaging

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TUBI Grease

TUBI Grease

TUBI Grease is our own brand of lubricants – the range includes everything from standard products for daily lubrication, to speciality products for technically demanding environments.

Filling and repackaging

Filling and repackaging

TUBI System performs filling if you already have access to lubricant – we help you through the entire process, from design to delivery. We also carry out pure repackaging of oils and grease from one packaging type to another.